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Our Collagen Drink

Ticks all the right boxes 

  • Collagen and Key vitamins

  • A huge 10000mg in each serving

  • Delicious berry taste

  • Value at £28.99 for 20 day supply

Just £28.99

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What makes our Collagen so good?

The Blend of Collagen, Vitamins and Taste

It's the Perfect Blend

  • Hydrolyzed Collagen Types 1 and 3

  • Hyaluronic Acid

  • Vitamins B5, B6, B7, B12 and Vitamin C

  • Blended with a multi-filtered Swedish water

  • Natural berry mix for taste

You get the benefits of Collagen and then even more, from the added vitamins and Hyaluronic acid


The B vitamins convert what you eat into energy, they also contribute to the health of your hair, nails and skin. 

Vitamin C is involved in the wellbeing of so many functions including the growth and repair of tissues.

Hyaluronic acid helps retain moisture in your skin

A Big, yet Effortless 10000mg dosage

10000mg is our daily recommended intake of Collagen, our Collagen drink lets you take this dosage effortlessly, just pour into the small included 25ml cup and drink, it's that quick and it tastes lovely. In complete contrast taking the same dose in tablets would mean 10 X 1000mg tablets.

Effortless and pleasant 

Slow and not so pleasant 

Superior Absorption 

The most effective way for the the body to absorb as much of the Collagen dose as possible is when the Collagen is hydrolyzed, chilled, in a liquid form and contains vitamin C to further increase absorption. After opening your Collagen drink, you simply store it in the fridge and now you are ready to get the maximum from your Collagen.

  • Hydrolyzed

  • Chilled

  • Liquid

  • Vitamin C

Developed and Made in Sweden

Made in Sweden shows in both the quality of the product you are buying and also in an very important area, packaging. 

There is no elaborate presentation packaging, no sachets and little glass bottles, Just a simple recyclable plastic bottle, that's it.

Value at £1.45 per daily 10000mg dosage

The total UK cost is £28.99 (including delivery) for a 500ml bottle holding 200000mg of Collagen. 

This provides 10000mg per day for 20 days, equivalent to £1.45 per day

Buying 2 bottles in one order for a total price of £49.98 reduces the daily cost of a 10000mg dose to just £1.25 per day

Free UK delivery 
£28.99 or get 2 for £49.98
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Collagen Drink blended with Hydrolyzed Collagen type 1 and 3. Hyaluronic Acid plus Vitamins B5, B6, B7, B12 and Vitamin C, along with a natural berry juice mix. 10000mg daily serving, 20 day supply from 500ml bottle.

Collagen is the most abundant protein in your body, yet from your 20s your body produces less Collagen each year. From your Gums to the Discs in your back, from your Skin to your Bones, from your Muscles to your Joints, Tendons, Ligaments. So much of your body needs this vital protein. Taking our Collagen may benefit the health and wellbeing of these areas.